About "The Academy" 

The Kings & Priests Business Academy (KPBA) is a thorough and scripturally-based entrepreneurial program to teach, train and develop aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals in your church or school. The Academy develops key entrepreneurial skills necessary to successfully operate a profitable business.

This fast-paced entrepreneurial training is designed to motivate, educate, and ignite the vision of entrepreneurship in your members.

KPBA is designed to move students beyond vision to a place of manifestation. We provide you with the resources to develop the key business skills necessary to successfully operate your business. In ten sessions students will focus on identifying business opportunities, researching markets, determining profitability, selling product/services and hiring the right people. Students leave the program with practical insight for success.


The On-site Kings & Priests Business Academy presents the world's most effective entrepreneurial training network. What makes this program unique? It's all based on God's Word! And, it's cost effective; more than 40% of our students start a new business within the first year of the training. That's immediate growth directly related to your church.

PowerPoint presentations, handouts, articles and other tools are shared in each module. Participants learn strategies that prepare them for team leadership, risk taking, opportunity seeking, and business start-up — all the while “thinking outside of the box.” Participants learn basic business vocabulary and go home with a new understanding of the personal characteristics that are necessary to achieve success in any entrepreneurial endeavor.


Think about it. The long terms benefits of creating prosperous givers, offsets any initial cost associated with Academy attendance. It only takes one successful student to begin generating millions of dollars of revenue for your church, his or her family and the local community.

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The Curriculum

The Academy properly trains students of all ages and educational backgrounds, which includes the following topics:

  • Understanding Entrepreneurial Purpose

  • How To Never Chase A Paycheck Again

  • Make 6 Figures in your first year

  • How to raise money for your business fast

  • Develop 7 income streams

  • Developing Business Leaders Around You

  • Effectively Selling Yourself

  • 9 Buying Signs and Proven Closings

  • Creating a Proven Strategic Plan

  • Raising Capital

  • How to Make A Financial Pitch to Investors

  • Understanding Social Media and Technology

  • Writing Your First Business Plan

  • Giving First Fruit and Tithing From the Business

  • Understanding Business Time Management

  • Creating Immediate Cash Flow

  • Self Evaluation

  • Legal, Tax and Protection


Manual topics also include:

  • Business Development

  • Raising Human Capital

  • Program Management

  • Performance Monitoring


**Bonus: Students also have full electronic access to our Kings & Priests certified professors for one year. In addition to getting measurable results, The Academy will generate significant revenue for your organization for years to come.

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Meet A Few of Our Professors


35-year Financier with over 30 Published Books


10-year Marketing Guru marketing and training several mega-churches and Fortune 1000 corporations


22-year Governmental, Banking and Organizational Expert 


We understand the importance of getting the community involved in your church. And, the Kings & Priests Academy helps you just that! We have found that the business professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and those who need help who have their church membership at other churches will enroll in the Academy at your church.

To help galvanize the surrounding community, we will provide you with information to pro- duce:

  • Invitation letters to send to local business, schools and civic organizations

  • Interest letters to send to other churches

  • Flyers, postcards and brochures

  • Student enrollment forms

  • Information for the church’s website

  • Effective pulpit announcements


Moreover, we will also promote your church’s Academy on the Kings & Priests website to alert and attract other families and potential students in your city to your church. With this strategy, no only will your congregation benefit from this life-changing training, but your en- tire city!

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