Building Wealth Through Trading

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Watch this informative video, then follow the instructions to build wealth through trading...

What: A crypto trading platform and Forex trading with average weekly returns of 3% to 4%.

Mission Statement: NovaTech is much more than a company delivering reliable trading services. 

NovaTech's mission is to empower individuals to achieve new financial heights and personal freedom by extending those benefits to those around them.

About NovaTech's results:

  • Average 3% to 4% per week per month over the last three years.
  • No losing weeks thus far.
  • Never failed to pay on time.
  • Trading profits are paid each Friday.
  • Performance bonuses on affiliates are paid on Saturday.


Are you ready?

Here are the summary links to get started, fund your account and register for NovaTech: 

If you prefer to have a personal touch to help you onboard:  Set Up A Call with Lisa Here to help you register with NovaTech.  Make sure you tell her you are with Dr. Robert Watkins to receive VIP Treatment!

You must have a sponsor to enroll in NovaTech.  Conquer Worldwide and Dr. Robert Watkins are your sponsors. To enroll: 

After you funded your CoinZoom account and registered with NovaTech, you are now ready to fund your account:

  1. Determine the amount you want to invest.
  2. Open an exchange account if you have not done so.
  3. Buy(Litecoin) to Wire Transfer LTC funds from your Coinzoin exchange.
  4. Send funds from your Wallet address in your exchange to Novatech wallet address for LTC.

If you need help, make an Appointment with Lisa at Tell her Dr. Robert Watkins sent you to help you fund your exchange and then signup for NovaTech: 


Work with Robert and Get Expert Guidance

Working with an experienced business advisor with vast resources and wisdom is your ultimate tool to achieve massive results quickly. You’ll get one-on-one meetings every 30 days with Dr. Watkins and the Conquer Team to help you build generational wealth.

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