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About Conquer Consulting

For more than 20 years, we have financed, empowered and educated everyday people to launch successful real estate endeavors, restaurants, churches, hotels, technologies and non-profits.  While our vision is to take your vision global, our Conquer Consultants' personal one-on-one focus always remains on you.


Whether you are working to make an acquisition, develop a business or launch a community-based organization, we have a wealth-building strategy perfectly tailored for you, your family and your future. Everyday, we are helping someone in the world fulfill their purpose.

Conquer has hundreds of clients.  Our recent testimonials include:

  • Planned and financed bed and breakfast business 

  • Guided and planned new technology company to qualify for federal contracts

  • Consulted, produced and arranged financing for new national school for young entrepreneurs 

  • Served as board of advisors to grow staffing requirements for established health care company

  • Served as a business advisors and raised capital for mega-church

  • Created and implemented sales and marketing strategies for several for-profits and non-profits

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Our Senior Team


Robert J. Watkins, CEO

Dr. Watkins is a 20-year entrepreneur, best-selling author and the leader of Conquer Worldwide. He's on a mission to create 20 million jobs by resourcing 2 million new entrepreneurs in 200 cities.

Tim Kelphart, Sr. Advisor

For 23 years specializing in mergers and acquisitions, Tim helps Conquer's clients manage their assets and build long-term wealth.

Sandra Fuller, J.D.

Serving as Conquer C.O.O. and Senior Consultant, Sandra is responsible for the day-to-day success of our clients and partners.

Larry Keefauver, Sr. Advisor

Author of 35 books, Dr. Larry serves as our financial advisor and mentor with over 40 years of business experience.

Lynita Blackwell, J.D., CPA

Lynita provides legal counsel and accounting services for our senior clients, partners and members.

Karl Moody, Sr. Advisor

With over 30 years of consulting, acquisitions and business experience, Karl provides invaluable know-how to each engagement.