We love dreamers, entrepreneurs and doers!  

Therefore, we assist passionate people with strategic, stress-relieving financing in two ways.

Introducing our 


  • Line of credit: up to $150,000

  • 0% Interest for first year

  • No collateral

  • No down payment

  • 100% unsecured

  • No tax returns needed

  • No business plan needed

  • $3,500 due when guarantee issued



  • $90,000 Home Care Home, Cincinnati, OH

  • $95,000 Real Estate Investment, Atlanta, GA

  • $80,000 Construction Loan, Chattanooga

  • $140,000 Church, New Orleans, LA

  • $110,000 New Dollar Store, Augusta, GA

  • $87,000 New Beverage Operation, Atlanta

  • $70,000 New Bed & Breakfast Business

How it works


Phase 1 features application for an UNSECURED (no collateral needed) and revolving lines of credit that can be used for any business purpose. Credit approval for the first loan is based on borrower's credit rating of at least a 690 credit score or greater.


Phase 2 features receiving the funding into your business or non-profit for growth and expansion. Check your credit score FREE here, then complete the free information form to see how we can arrange funding for your dream!

Call us at 1.888.526.1118 or click here to complete this form to tell us about your financial needs and concerns.

We'd love to hear all about it and learn more about your vision!