Extreme Results is about you generating financial and business resources and results, God's way.  For more information, order here.

E-course includes:

  • Generating 7 income streams with no money
  • Owning real estate, God's way
  • Making your 1st (or next) million dollars
  • Making money from your purpose
  • Making money on-line
  • Hiring employees with no money
  • Retiring from your job early
  • Transition from making money to building wealth


24 Powerful Teaching Videos 

Every video is actionable and practical. It will take you one to two hours to get through entire program. With more than 2,350 scriptures in the bible on how to handle and make money, you'll build generational wealth, retire early and become a big-time giver to your community.

At the end of the course, if you still need assistance or access to capital to help launching your ideas, complete our online link, and we'll contact you within 2 business days.

Happy Learning!

Extreme Results Income Generator