Dr. Robert J. Watkins

 Financial Disruptor . Keynote Speaker . Best-selling Author

Robert's Bio

Recognized by former president Barack Obama with the exclusive Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Robert J. Watkins is far from an ordinary entrepreneur and minister of the Gospel. For over 20 years, Known as The Empire Builder, Dr. Watkins is a heart-centered financier completely focused on his God-given mission-- to educate, empower and equip people around the globe to build empires that transfer wealth through generations.


After being given up at birth to a Detroit orphanage and ultimately adopted by wonderful working-class parents, Dr. Watkins eventually embraced his calling as the “Moses” who could lead God’s people to economic deliverance and began developing his signature system of Never Chase A Paycheck Again and the 10 Commandments of Financial Healing was born. As an in-demand international speaker, Dr. Watkins’ passion for people, purpose, and profit has fired up millions of men and women across the globe to not just reach but retain financial success.


This mission has led to the founding of several conferences and events under his tutelage, including “Young CEO Camp,” a summer program that focuses on creating young CEO’s in youth ages 11-19, Gathering of the Angels, a Shark Tank-style event where small business owners pitch their next business idea for a chance to receive instant funding and business coaching; and the Kings & Priests Men’s Leadership Organization, which, in just over seven years has exploded to a membership of over 17,000 CEO’s, business owners, executives, politicians, and various men in ministry across the United States and abroad.


Drawing from his own personal journey of moving from financial ashes to influential wealth strategist, his monetary wisdom has enabled business owners, from startups to seasoned, to become successful entrepreneurs and avoid the traps that make most businesses fail. In just the last two years alone, Dr. Watkins has invested in over 200 new business owners, assisted thousands of families to change the trajectory of their financial legacies, and has facilitated more than $10 million in capital for burgeoning startups.


Not only is this multi-dimensional Army veteran a bestselling author, servant-hearted minister, and investor but he is a financial consultant who has helped build seven-figure businesses as the CEO of the consulting firm he founded, Conquer Worldwide. In his limited spare time, he has managed to ink five books including Never Chase a Paycheck Again, How to Hear from God, Be Your Own Boss, Extreme Results, and the recently released, Chosen: Becoming The Person You Were Meant To Be.


For the past two decades, his money management prowess has taken his diverse global clientele from invisible and frustrated to money-making millionaires. Having earned numerous prestigious assignments including Marketplace Advisor for the United States Air Force where he is called upon to consult top generals, Dr. Watkins is the go-to advisor for all things finance. A graduate of the University of West Georgia where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and Journalism, Dr. Watkins became a member of the elite Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. He received honorary doctoral degrees in both Business and Theology, from the Ministry International Institute, in honor of his excellence in entrepreneurial education.


Even with all his accomplishments and accolades, if you ask him, he will quickly tell you he is most proud and honored to be given the blessing of fatherhood with his two straight-A daughters, Noelle and Gabrielle. With an impact that expands globally, from Malaysia to South Africa to Jerusalem to the UK, Dr. Watkins remains steadfast and committed to being an ambassador for Christ while disrupting the status quo of debt and wealth and leaving his financial footprint on the world.

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Peter J. Daniels

International Real Estate Guru

As an investor in the international financial markets and in people on every continent, I know the real deal when I see it... and Robert Watkins is the real deal.  

I'm proud to support his work.

Lee Jenkins 

Investment Banker & Pastor

Robert's amazing story, practical wisdom and humor makes him an ideal speaker for any church or university looking to

empower their people.

T. D. Jakes

Global Leader

Dr. Watkins' conference and leadership of bringing ministry and leaders together is something we needed for a long time.