Mind Your Own Business

"This should be your ambition: to live a quiet life, and to mind (do) your own business and to work with your own hands, as we command you." ~ 1 Thessalonians 4:11

​​ Certain members of the church at Thessalonica became distracted from their marketplace calling, troubled by life's issues and sidetracked by wrong relationships. Paul has a four-fold prescription for these people:

  • Live a life of peace

  • Focus on your own business

  • Work with what you currently have

  • Stay in your lane

The word "business" in First Thessalonians 4:11 comes from the Greek word prassō which means "to execute and accomplish tasks to specifically collect dues." As Christians, we should focus on the Father's business, which is God's will for your life.

In order to find peace in my own life, I had to return to what God originally assigned me to do. Trying to be like someone else or following man-made dreams only frustrated me. I have learned that peace can only be found when I am engaging in God's plan for my life. You'll find peace when you return to your God-given assignment.

Your biggest challenge is getting over the fear of failure. Smart career moves, making money or following after someone else's dream will not bring peace. Do your own business (missions, ministry, non-profit or for-profit ventures), and peace will surely find you.

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