Starting Life Over

If you are in transition, how do you start over? What do you do when things are not working? How do you get life right...the second time around?

Some people have spent their life sowing their time, money and energy in perhaps a failed business, or a career that didn’t go anywhere or a marriage that ended in divorce or a fruitless ministry.

You must sow your time, money and energy into “new ground”.

There are four stages that every person must go through in order to see the promise of their vision. Let's determine your current stage:

1. The Purging Stage - This stage of life is difficult. Life will seem to be out of control. Friends will become distant, opportunities seemingly dry up, money can disappear. The good news: God is trying to remove everything that is unhealthy to your vision and preparing you for more profitable, healthy pursuits.

2. The Placement Stage

- After the Purging Stage, you will find yourself totally dependent upon God. There is no other place to go. Banks, family members, church members and others will not be able to help you. It is during the Placement Stage that your vision becomes clearer. A new joy to help people returns to your spirit. You are a little older and wiser but somewhat bruised, however you know that God is about to place you in new positions that only He can create for you. Don't quit, it's time to pursue!

3. The Pursuit Stage - The Pursuits Stage is when you finally step out of your comfort zone and accept the challenge. Perhaps you create a new catering company, or start the magazine, or hold your first bible study, or open a new store, or create a fresh website or send a proposal for services to a Fortune 500 firm. Whatever the case, you challenge yourself to overcome your issues of procrastination, fear or slothfulness. It is a lot of hard work, but you sense change, favor and increase. If you make it to this stage, promotion is right around the corner!

4. The Promotion Stage - This is where people begin to notice your change. Other people's opinions about you no longer affect you. Your testimony encourages others. As such, new relationships have come to your aid, resources have appeared and you now possess a new revelation about who you are. All you have to do now is be smart and consistent. Your testimony is now in demand.

Sow and submerge yourself into your vision. People will ask how did you make it? You will respond, "I have S.O.W.N (Started Over With Nothing) and I have reaped." God's way to succeed is not always the quickest way, but it is the surest way!

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