Presence Rather Than Presents

Over 45 million Christmas trees sold in 2017 and the average American spent $907 on holiday gifts, per However, the joy of giving certainly can easily turn into stress, anxiety and increased debt.

So how should we give to our loved ones without the negative pressure? The Journal of Positive Psychology shows that people are happier with experiences than physical gifts. I am not saying to deprive your kids of presents; I am suggesting to scale down the gift giving to focus on creating memorable experiences.

Here are a few ways to give more to the ones you love the most:

  1. Change of scenery. Instead of trying to find that perfect gift, take a weekend outing to enjoy a family member such as hiking, biking or camping. You’ll talk about that experience for years to come.

  2. Volunteer together. Focusing your relationships on those less fortunate can be fulfilling and satisfying. And, others will be deeply grateful for your service. Your relationship will grow stronger.

  3. Enjoy a Dr. Robert J. Watkins event. If your life has been changed by Dr. Watkins’ events, gifts and conferences, then give the gift of knowledge. The memory will last forever, and possibly generationally.

  4. Change the mindset. Give music lessons, or a tour at a local business or a writing class. These experiences can transform someone’s life overnight.

  5. Solve a real problem. What problem can you solve for a loved one that doesn’t require a gift? Your time spent on your loved one’s issues are for more valuable than any gift under the tree.

As a marketplace minister and a business start-up leader with over 17,000 partners, clients, members and associates, I get a chance to see opportunities bloom into powerful careers, new fortunes and fulfilled dreams. It all starts at family at a time.

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