Wolves In Sheep Clothing

Have you ever tried to help someone, but they were so broken they ended trying to hurt you? Or they were so blinded by ambition they couldn't appreciate your favor?

Jesus warned in Matthew 7:15 to "...beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

Misunderstandings, misconceptions and misinterpretations can occur amongst leaders, but then there are ravenous wolves that come to compete, contend and clash with your assignment to distract you. What do you do when you come across such an individual?

Here how to deal with them:

  • DISCERN - God reminds us in His Word to "beware", which literally means to "keep your spiritual eyes open". A wolf's main objective is to get in your house to destroy and discredit your work. Before doing business with them, ask God to show you their motive, then follow peace, it will save you time and potential heartache.

  • DISENGAGE - Sometimes, wolves are difficult to see because they can easily mix in with the sheep. However, a real marketplace minister will have clear, tangible fruit of their call. If they use your name to open doors or tear you down to prosper themselves, then immediately withdraw your favor. Let them think they got over on you, it is now the Lord's battle.

  • DISCONNECT - Wolves are cunning hunters. However, even though they may threaten to harm you, you have the truth. The way to defeat them is by shinning the light of truth on them by walking in integrity, love and peace. Pray for them and love on them from afar, but disconnect emotionally because they will surely fail.

After 25 years of leading business, ministry and professional leaders, I've experienced a few wolves along the way. And, I've even been affected by their presence. However, each and every time, my love, care and authentic concern for them turned them from ravenous wolves into raving fans.

Follow the steps above. You can do the same, too.

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