Watch the presentation video below to learn how to build wealth in cryptocurrency and foreign exchange without spending much of your time.

A crypto trading platform and Forex trading with average weekly returns of 3% to 4%. 

How: No trading on your part unless you choose to.

Mission Statement: NovaTech delivers reliable trading services to empower individuals to achieve new financial heights and personal freedom.

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Compounded interest is the secret to building wealth.

We encourage you to invest more than $500; however, if you invested, for example, $500 today into Novatech and NovaTech continues to achieve on average 3% weekly returns (as it has done in the past three years), your investment would be worth $1,087,548.93 in the 5th year.

Don't take our word for it! Calculate the compound interest for yourself here

About NovaTech's Results

  • Average 3% to 4% per week per month over the last three years.
  • Only 30% of NovaTech's funds are traded, minimizing your risk
  • No losing weeks thus far.
  • Never failed to pay on time.
  • Trading profits are paid each Friday.
  • Can withdraw funds and ROI at anytime
  • If you choose to trade you may do so, but experienced traders trade for you
How To Get Started

An 11-minute introduction to NovaTech


Are you ready to get started?

  1. Open an exchange account if you don't already have one. We recommend CoinZoom.
  2. Fund your exchange via a wire transfer from your bank.
  3. Decide what level of opening investment.
  4. Purchase that amount in Litecoin (LTC) on your exchange.
  5. Enroll in NovaTech using your sponsor link. You must be sponsored. Dr. Robert J. Watkins is your sponsor. (https://ConquerTrading.novatechfx.com/enroll/ )
  6. Follow the instructions on how to fund your NovaTech account
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