For 20 years, Kings & Priests has united and empowered over 150,000 men to strengthen their families and communities. We are entrepreneurs, leaders, pastors, fathers, owners with one common goal... to make an economic and spiritual difference in every man's life. 


Join us... We promise you'll leave the December 9th meeting on-fire for God and ready to experience life few men every obtain!

Kings & Priests
is for Men Only

Tuesday, January 11, 2022


Why men only? Because real men need an outlet where they can get empowered, express themselves freely and get answers to their deepest issues.


When men attend, they will:

  • Secure their family 

  • Network with top professionals

  • End financial uncertainty

  • Building lasting wealth 

  • Unite with like-minded men of God

  • Access financial resources 

  • End cultural uncertainty

  • Find much-needed support

Two of This Month's Panelists

Luther Ragsdale

Bought, sold and managed over $150M worth of real estate before age 40. Luther will show you how.

Robert Watkins

Impacted, financed, empowered and educated millions in the area of financial freedom and entrepreneurship.

Many of the world's greatest leaders are a part of Kings & Priest's rich history.