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On Tuesday, February 27th at 7:00 PM EST, dive into the lucrative realm of cutting-edge technology and expert leadership with our exclusive webinar designed to build wealth quicker, smarter and wiser than your counterparts. 

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We turn small organizations into BIG organizations and individual achievers into global leaders. We use equity, empowerment, and education to develop your businesses... quickly.

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On a Mission To Change Lives 

For nearly 30 years, Robert J. Watkins created breakthroughs for individuals, corporations, and non-profits that have led to lasting change.

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Success Stories

Doug Crumbly

Conquer Worldwide has taken my business, ministry and entire life to a new unimaginable success.

Don Jacobs

For years, Dr. Watkins and Conquer financed my real estate clients with class and excellence. They are the best!

Harrol A. Christian

I worked 30 years in banking, but the things I learned Dr. Watkins and his staff are priceless.

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