For over 20 years, we've created businesses, jobs and wealth-building tools for America's inner cites.


Also, through educational workshops, we've empowered families with the right mindset to create generational and measurable results.

Every day, our team is helping someone in the world fulfill their purpose.


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“Dr. Robert Watkins and his Conquer staff of legal advisors, financiers, investors and consultants help to build my brokerage firm.”​


—  Dan Moss,

Investor & Broker


Originator of the Marketplace Leader Movement
Robert J. Watkins is a 20-year entrepreneur, best-selling author and the leader of Conquer Worldwide. He's on a mission to create 20 million jobs by resourcing 2 million new entrepreneurs in 200 cities.
For over 25 years, he has empowered, educated and financed thousands of new leaders to economically and financially impact their communities.
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