The Conquer Mastermind group builds wealth, grows businesses, and gets results.  Monday, October 23rd is next!

Are you ready to build? A no-bull, no fluff, no gimmick live mentorship with Dr. Robert J. Watkins to Help You Build a Stress-Free Life and Business….So You Can Live the Life Of Your Dreams.

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Are you ready to create a life that pays you for years to come? 

Dr. Watkins' live mentoring topics like "Turning $500 into $1,088,000 to become a liquid millionaire" and "Creating seven income streams in 30 days" help you UP-level your life to something that is not only profitable, pleasurable, and peaceful but it's also sustainable!

Isn't it time to cut through the bull that most people offer and learn cutting-edge strategies that work? "Hoping and praying" was NOT enough for me when I needed to change my life. Are you there now?

We Launch Live on Monday, October 23rd, 2023 

Let’s face it- a lot of self-help training online today claims to help people and business owners succeed. But the bottom line is, who cares about your success?  Who will take responsibility if things fail?

Since my humble beginnings in an orphanage, I have since facilitated millions of dollars for small businesses and those in transition. In my “Conquer Mastermind,” I’m bringing my 30+ years of experience in finance, consulting firm, and business leadership. I’ll be there with you personally every step to ensure you see the success you deserve.

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The Conquer Mastermind Includes: 

Over $37,000 in Complimentary Training & Classes!

  • Get the live link and access to Dr. Watkins' private calendar to join him live.
  • Gain immediate access to your back office filled with  Dr. Watkins' books, articles, and teaching on wealth, family, finance, health, and more!
  • Get your questions answered with Q & A Day!
  • Live weekly interactions with Robert J. Watkins
  • Action Steps you can take in your business each week
  • Live weekly interactions with Robert J. Watkins



Are You Ready To Learn?

  • Find your "mojo" again to optimize your time and energy.
  • Package your expertise to leave your job.
  • New strategies to keep your passion alive.
  • Write your first or next book to get a publishing deal.
  • How to transition from a full-time employee to a full-time wealth builder.
  • Understand the financing process.
  • How to live in peace when things go terribly wrong.
  • How to acquire a business leveraging the assets of the company.
  • Develop a social media plan to get more qualified leads.
  • Managing and investing discretionary income in growing your income.
  • Bring great clarity to new dreams.
  • Attracting new relationships to serve your vision.
  • Post like a Fortune 500 company to get results.

And there is a lot more...

  • Learn to feel like yourself again.
  • Prepare your day like a champion.
  • Creating a brand that the media will want to promote
  • Increase your credit score to locate new business credit.
  • Set up your social media bio so that people want to do business with you.
  • How to turn $500 into $1,088,000 to become a liquid millionaire.
  • How to keep your marriage together.
  • How to pick up the pieces after a bad breakup.
  • Creating 7 income streams in 30 days.
  • Learning how to love yourself regardless of your state of mind
  • Organizing a network that pays you
  • Managing family expectations.
  • Getting celebrity endorsements.
  • Creating videos that go viral and produce cash. 


Harrol A. Christian

As a 30-year banker, I was looking for a career change but was fearful of making a change. Dr. Watkins' strategy pulled me through.

Doug Crumbly

My business increased by 40% because of Dr. Watkins' mentorship.  Absolutely invaluable!

Luther Ragsdale

When I first met Dr. Watkins, I sought clarity of my purpose. I know exactly how God made me and how to deliver my purpose every day.


Launches Live on Monday, Feb. 20th at 8 PM EST.
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